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YoloStrips™ are the revolutionary new way to infuse your life with “instant nutrition”. We have infused the world’s most powerful ingredients in a small strip, which dissolves on your tongue in seconds. YoloStrips™ are fast, fun and deliver exactly what you need – instantly.


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YoloBoost™ gives you an instant infusion of energy, without the dreaded “crash” energy drinks give you.You’ll love how the all-natural, energy-boosting ingredients give you a near-instant lift in energy without sugary energy drinks, expensive coffee or unhealthy soda.No jitters. No sugar. No crash.
Whether you have been working too hard or need a workout kickstart, YoloBoost™ provides the instant nutrition you need for increased energy.

YoloSleep™ gives you deep rest and peaceful sleep so you wake up refreshed, energized and ready to take on the world.Just pop one YoloSleep™ on your tongue 15 minutes before bedtime and watch your mind chatter calm and your body relax, without feeling like a zombie.Melatonin, Kava and Huperzine A work hard to lull you into a deep, restful sleep so you fall asleep fast and wake up fully energized without the “foggy” feeling most sleeping pills give you.

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