Fall Asleep And Stay Asleep…Naturally

  • Fall asleep fast – no tossing and turning!
  • Sleep longer, deeper, and more peacefully
  • Wake up refreshed and energized!
  • All-natural, stimulant-free ingredientssafe enough to take daily

Scientific Advancements Give You Natural, Deep, Peaceful Sleep

Do you have trouble falling asleep?
Are you sick and tired of using prescription sleep pills only to feel like you are in a fog once you wake up? If so,YoloSleep™ strips are the answer to your sleep-related problems.
YoloSleep™ strips are the next big thing for celebrities, professional athletes, and everyone who needs to calm their thoughts and minds. Our scientifically advanced formula uses the most effective ingredients to relax your body, calm your mind, and help you fall asleep fast.

Place YoloSleep™ on your tongue

Ingredients quickly absorb into your body

Instant relaxation, and better sleep!


A boost of the body’s natural hormone helps promote relaxation and gets you falling asleep sooner.


Calms your body into a relaxed state without disrupting your mental focus and clarity.


Prevents restless mind syndrome so you can focus on your sleeping.

The Secret Behind YoloSleep™

Why does YoloSleep™ work so well? It’s easy…

1Each YoloSleep™ strip is infused with the three most powerful, all-natural sleeping aids in the world. You can read about them to the left.
2YoloSleep™ utilizes an advanced delivery system which lets these ingredients absorb into your bloodstream almost immediately. That means you get faster results, easier.
3Don’t walk around like a zombie every day due to a lack of quality sleep. Pop in one YoloSleep™ before bed each night and wake up energized… refreshed… and invigorated to start your day!


YoloSleep™ strips revolutionize the quality of sleep you get each night. Once you feel the deep, restful sleep they give you, you’ll never turn back.

Here’s what you can expect:

Calm Thoughts With Less Mind Chatter
A chattering mind makes it near-impossible to fall asleep, let alone stay asleep. Kava helps soothe your thoughts so you feel more peaceful and relaxed as you drift off to sleep.
Faster, Longer, More Natural Sleep
How long you stay in each sleep cycle determines the quality of sleep you get. By falling asleep quickly and naturally you’ll automatically fall into a more deep sleep cycle.
Wake Up Refreshed
When was the last time you woke up feeling energized and ready to hop out of bed? You probably can’t even remember. Get that back!
YoloSleep™ lets you sleep deeply without waking up groggy like you would with a prescription sleep aid.

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Don’t Let Sleep Deprivation Damage Your Mind And Body

Failing to get a good night’s sleep hurts. Your body and mind need time to rest and heal.

Continual sleep problems lead to sleep deprivation which causes terrible consequences on your body, including:

  • Extreme fatigue & loss of energy
  • Confusion
  • Decreased mental alertness
  • “Foggy” thinking
  • Weakened immune system

These symptoms get worse the longer you have sleeping troubles. It’s imperative to fix the problem as quickly as possible.
YoloStrips™ get to the root of the problem fast, allowing you to fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and wake up feeling rested and energetic!

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